Online gaming – from video games to casinos

What is online gaming?
Online gaming is the activity of playing games through a computer, primarily or partially on a computer network. There are many times of online games which are played using gadgets and devices such as laptops, desktops, phones and tablets as well as consoles. Some of these games can be installed on the device while others can only be played online. These games have a range of effects to the one playing, for example they help reduce stress, impact quick decision making skills as well as improve mind and hand coordination however, these games have some disadvantages such as poor performance in school or at work, violent behaviours, obesity as well as addiction.

Video games are a range of games played on your device where you get to interact with the virtual universe. There are categories of online games as explained below.

Arcade games. These are computer and console games are online games that use the idea of coin operated video games where levels of difficulty and intuitive controls are involved, an example of this popular game is pacman. There are a range of these arcade games in the internet and spread across all ages.

Card games. These are online games that use the traits of popular card game selections such as poker and spades.

Simulation. These games gives you an experience of real time strategy and actions, they are very addictive and this experience keeps you coming back for more. An example of these type of games is the popular Euro-truck where you get to simulate the trucks and deliver cargo to various places just like a real time activity.

Sport games. These are online games meant for the sports lovers. These games gives you the opportunity to compete against other players, sporting teams as well as the device at the comfort of your home. The levels involved in these games keeps you excited and yearning for more achievement. They cut across the popular sports played all over world.

Shooting games. These are some of the popular action games that give the player the opportunity to test as well as improve their precision, aiming and shooting skills.

Strategy games. These are games that require one to build strategies so as to achieve the objective of the game. For example the game can require you to build a castle as well as an army so as to conquer an empire.

Casino games. These are the most popular games all over the world today. They replicate the games in real casinos where money and property exchange is involved as well as real prizes.

Board games. These are online games that replicate the board games we play i real world. Massively multiplayer online games.These are games that involve millions of players playing together through the internet wit a purpose of achieving the objectives of the game and cracking the challenges of the game at the same time.

These are some of the main categories of online games. Its your choice to pick the most interesting type of game that suits your quest as well as your capability.