Why gamers love gaming

Times have changed. Times will continue to change. In previous generations children and young adults would spend hours on end outside playing outdoors with their friends and it was a battle for parents to get them to come inside. Nowadays however there is a plethora of mixed opinions that the younger generations are constantly glued to their consoles and have little to no desire to go out into the real world. Whether this is entirely true is another topic. But almost all of us can agree that Gaming is awesome regardless of specific game interests.

But why?
A number of factors can be defined as the culprits but first we have to differentiate that the term “Gaming” has two interchangeable terms. The first term describes the passion for games simply for the story line,lore,characters,etc with no interest in monetary gain whatsoever. The second use for “Gaming” is the term to describe an interest in online gambling,betting,poker,etc where monetary gain is the prime objective . Both have a massive fan base but the root of their growing interest will have to be dissected separately.

The first to go up is “conventional” gaming. Ever since the first console game called “Pong” came out it was a smashing hit. Amazingly simple yet so alluring once you got into it and it often ended up with healthy rivalry between players. From there on the gaming culture began to grow when Arcades and personal consoles became common. The adrenaline,the healthy competition,the camaraderie between players were the main emotional strings that pull our hearts from childhood in the late 20th century. The cemented feelings trigger nostalgia and have left a legendary feeling for many of the games of the era. A notable example of this is “Space Invaders”.

But a while back with the world’s first Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG) such as Diablo and World of Warcraft millennial and 90’s kids were able to go to a world where they could be anything they wanted. They could let their imagination run completely wild as they had adventures with their friends that are impossible to have in real life. It is in that time that you feel completely free of real life troubles. Much so that often times people have developed unhealthy addictions to them to the extent that “Video game addiction” has actually been coined a legitimate term according to WebMD. Regardless of many biased opinions there are actually quite a lot of Gamers who lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle simply because the drive and motivation from their Gaming passion translates into their real lives.

No longer is a mundane task simply that. Not at all! it is a quest. A quest which will either improve your reputation at work,improve your earnings, or simply make your friends or relatives happy. The second category is the Gamers who enjoy playing hardball with real money. Although some conventional Gamers frown upon them for tarnishing the term and making it interchangeable we must remember that the second breed of Gamers actually existed first.

That’s right,very early on games like Blackjack,Poker and many more existed and were solely played in Brick-and-Mortar Casinos. Nowadays most Casinos have moved to online platforms for ease of players. The most common reason why this kind of Gaming is so popular is because of the adrenaline of risk taking for a real life gain (obviously within reason) however much like the earlier mentioned Gaming type. Gambling addictions do exist. It is fair to say that despite the actual playing experience between the two types of Gamers being very different. The core principle of emotional experiences remain,Which is exactly why we Gamers love Gaming.