Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways DLC Revealed During State Of Play

During the PlayStation State Of Play event, Capcom made an exciting announcement. They revealed Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways, a brand new downloadable content pack that will be available for Resident Evil 4 Remake starting from September 21.

The trailer showcased Ada Wong, who played a crucial role as Leon Kennedy’s companion and sometimes obstacle in the original Resident Evil 4 campaign. She takes the spotlight in this DLC as she fights against Los Illuminados, following the instructions of a mysterious voice on the radio. The footage shows her scaling castle walls, descending through a spiral staircase, and engaging in combat with multiple enemies. Additionally, we catch glimpses of Albert Wesker throughout the trailer.

Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways

Interestingly, Separate Ways was also the name of a minigame included in all versions of the original Resident Evil 4, starting from the GameCube release. In that minigame, Ada played a significant role in Leon’s success, but she operated from the shadows.

The State Of Play event had more surprises in store for Resident Evil 4 fans. The in-game Mercenaries mode will receive an update related to Separate Ways on the same day as the DLC release. Additionally, a new trailer for the upcoming Resident Evil 4 VR mode premiered, providing another perspective on Leon’s remade adventure.

Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC starting from September 21. As for the Resident Evil 4 VR Mode, it is scheduled to launch this winter.