FFXIV – Tales Under the New Moon: A Legacy of Hope


The most recent Narrative in Tales beneath the New Moon, A Lecagy of Hope, is now accessible to peruse on the web! Investigate the most recent expansion to the arrangement and find out additional about Alphinaud, one of our preferred twins.

The fourth and last story portion of Tales beneath the New Moon, a progression of short stories that investigate the lives and undertakings of different characters from the game, has quite recently been delivered!

This last story of the arrangement is called A Legacy of Hope, and follows Ameliance, our preferred twins’ mom, as she cleans her kids’ old room.

As she cleans the racks and sorts through the drawers, she finds different things that help her to remember Alphinaud and Alisaie’s youth. The most captivating revelation is a concealed compartment, containing Alphinaud’s old diary. As an inquisitive mother, she can’t resist the urge to investigate the book and gets inundated in a portion of Alphinaud’s old undertakings.

FF14 Alphinaud.jpg

The diary recounts stories from when Louisoix was as yet alive. Alphinaud has been acknowledged in the Studium and is being fairly exhausted while his sister left with their granddad, neglecting to welcome him on the excursion. He communicates his bliss for his sister yet can’t resist feeling somewhat forgotten about.

To get away from his fatigue, Alphinaud chooses to follow his dad Fourchenault, who is occupied with some significant individual issues. Furthermore, despite the fact that his dad is somewhat cold and far off, he consents to let his wonder child tag along.

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What was Fourchenault up to? What did Alphinaud learn, or dream of, at such a youthful age? The diary uncovers a progression of occasions and disclosures that will change Alphinaud’s life until the end of time.

On the off chance that you need to find out additional about his past and how it formed his future, head over to the official Tales beneath the New Moon site and read this story alongside Alphinaud and Alisaie’s mom as she experiences her child’s mystery diary.