Heroic Dungeons Will Count Toward Great Vault Progress in Patch 10.2


In Patch 10.2, the progress of the Great Vault will now include Heroic Dungeons.

The most recent build of Patch 10.2 introduces some minor adjustments to the requirements of the Great Vault, specifically the global strings. These changes indicate that completing Mythic+ dungeons is no longer necessary to make progress in the Dungeons category. Instead, the global strings have been modified to include the term “Heroic” and the “+” symbol has been eliminated. This means that completing Heroic or Mythic Dungeons will now contribute to progress in this category, as opposed to the previous requirement of 1/4/8 Mythic+ dungeons.


We have discovered evidence in another string related to the weekly rewards threshold for dungeons. In this string, the word “Keystone” has been replaced with the term “Mythic”.

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