FFXIV – Tales Under the New Moon: In Storm’s Wake


Uncover the latest tale in Tales under the New Moon, a captivating collection of Final Fantasy XIV short stories. Immerse yourself in the world of “In Storm’s Wake,” where G’raha Tia, a knowledgeable Miqo’te scholar, shares his thrilling adventures and profound insights into the enigmatic Allagans with Lord Hien.

If you are a devoted fan of Final Fantasy XIV, then Tales under the New Moon is a must-read for you. Delve into this series of short stories that delves into the lives and exploits of various characters from the game. Now, you can embark on the third installment of Tales under the New Moon, available for your reading pleasure online.

The latest addition to the Tales under the New Moon series, “In Storm’s Wake,” revolves around the remarkable G’raha Tia. As a Miqo’te scholar, G’raha played a pivotal role in unraveling the mysteries of the Crystal Tower, an ancient relic of the Allagans. Lord Hien, the esteemed leader of Doma, extended an invitation to G’raha, eager to hear about his adventures and his profound knowledge of the Allagans, a formidable civilization that once reigned over Eorzea. G’raha graciously accepted the offer, regaling Hien with tales of his experiences in Garlemald and Corvo, two realms deeply influenced by the Allagan culture and technology.

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What secrets did G’raha unveil to Hien? How did he confront his own destiny? Unearth the answers by immersing yourself in the captivating tale of In Storm’s Wake

Moreover, you can still indulge in the previous Tales under the New Moon stories on the official website. Embark on this thrilling journey now!