NFS, Burnout Studio Will Work On Next Battlefield Game (And Also More NFS)

Electronic Arts has officially announced that Criterion Games, the renowned studio behind the Burnout franchise, will be joining EA Entertainment and will be involved in the early development of the upcoming Battlefield game. This UK-based studio, which is owned by EA, will also contribute to the future of the Need for Speed series.

Vince Zampella, the Group General Manager, shared the news in a blog post on the EA website. He stated that Criterion will collaborate with other teams within the network to shape the “new era” of Battlefield. Working alongside DICE, Ripple Effect, and Ridgeline, Criterion will be under the leadership of Byron Beede, a former executive from the Call of Duty franchise who now serves as the General Manager of Battlefield for EA.

Criterion has previously worked on Battlefield V, Battlefield 2042, and Star Wars Battlefront II. However, the studio is most recognized for its contributions to the Need for Speed and Burnout racing franchises.

Zampella expressed his confidence in Criterion’s expertise with Battlefield, their technological capabilities, and their ability to create captivating experiences. He believes that their involvement will have an immediate positive impact on Battlefield 2042 and the ongoing development of a connected Battlefield universe. Zampella expressed his excitement about collaborating with Criterion, stating that there is no better studio to embark on this journey.

Regarding the future of the Need for Speed series, Zampella confirmed that work will continue, but he did not provide details about any upcoming games. He mentioned his personal passion for cars, which aligns perfectly with Criterion’s expertise and allows him to explore another genre in gaming that he loves. Zampella eagerly anticipates working with a core group of individuals to shape the future of the franchise.

The next Battlefield game, according to EA CEO Andrew Wilson, will be a “reimagination” of the series and will feature a “connected” universe. EA has multiple new Battlefield experiences in progress, including a single-player campaign from Marcus Lehto’s new studio, a veteran from the Halo franchise. Additionally, DICE is developing a multiplayer experience, while Ripple Effect is working on an entirely new Battlefield experience that will build upon the foundations of the series.

EA has launched a global effort, bringing together multiple studios under the leadership of industry veterans, to create a connected Battlefield universe.

Despite its challenges, Battlefield 2042 was one of the top-selling games in the US in 2021. EA had plans to release Battlefield Mobile, but the project was abruptly canceled, leading to the closure of the developer responsible for its development.