Secrets of Azeroth Day 1 Solution – A Preservationist and Ceremonial Spear

Uncover the Secrets of Azeroth Day 1 – Become a Preservationist and Find the Ceremonial Spear
The Secrets of Azeroth event is now live, and it’s time for you to embark on an exciting adventure. Are you ready to uncover the mysteries of Azeroth? Let’s dive in!

NOTE – We don’t want to spoil the fun for you. Click SHOW below to reveal the guide.

Clue 1 – Become a Preservationist

  • Your first task is to head to the Valdrakken Inn and meet Preservationist Kathos. She will give you the Preserving Rarities quest.
  • Speak to Kathos again and choose the dialogue option to receive a Mystery Box. Open it to find a Golden Chalice and A Clue: The Golden Chalice.
  • The clue will lead you to the innkeeper’s bar, where you’ll find Bobby Carlisle sitting on a chair. Talk to him, and he will direct you to the Valdrakken bank.
  • Inside the bank, on the left side, you’ll find a spot to place the Golden Chalice next to the Guild Bank. Interact with it and choose the option to place the Chalice there. This will complete the quest.
  • Return to Kathos and turn in the quest. Congratulations, you’ve completed “The Preservationist” portion of the meta achievement!

Clue 2 – Find the Ceremonial Spear

  • Kathos will give you a Tuskarr Ceremonial Spear and instruct you to head to Iskaara to find someone who can decipher its etchings.
  • Speak to Elder Poa in the inn at Iskaara in the Azure Span. She will reveal that the spear is actually from Northrend’s Kalu’ak tribe. After discussing it with her, the spear transforms into Shomko’s Unyielding Spear. It’s time to travel to the Wrath of the Lich King continent.
  • Fly to Mo’aki Harbor in the southern middle portion of Dragonblight in Northrend. Inside the inn, you’ll find Elder Ko’nami.
  • Ask Elder Ko’nami about the spear, and he will provide you with a drawing. He reveals that the spear belonged to a Kalu’ak Tuskarr who ventured west and founded a settlement in Borean Tundra. He also gives you a drawing of a monument where you can find more information.
  • Make your way to the far southwest area of Borean Tundra, just west of Warsong Hold, at coordinates /way #114 33.5 58.3.
  • Here, you’ll discover a Tuskarr-shaped rock with a designated spot for the Ceremonial Spear. Place the spear there to earn The Inquisitive achievement. Be prepared, as a Looter mob will attack you. Defeat it to receive a Looter’s Purse filled with gold.