Resident Evil Village Gold Edition

Resident Evil: Village: Gold Edition

Resident Evil: Village was nevertheless one of the gems of 2021. In this sequel to Resident Evil: Biohazard we followed once again “everyman” Ethan Winters searching for his daughter Rose in an obscure village in Eastern Europe. In addition to the base game, there was the mercenaries game mode where you fought the monsters in the game in different locations.

Now that Bandai Namco hasn “Gold Edition” of the game has released, we thought it would be a good idea to dive into the game once again mt all the extras.

First things first: Resident Evil: Village is perhaps one of the coolest horror games of recent years. Balancing between horror, humor, gunplay, puzzles and a motley cast of characters (and the running gag of Ethan’s hands taking quite a beating), add a beautiful world and you have a top game. Even in the new third-person mode, the game stands up proudly. Too bad the cutscenes are still in first-person though. This new mode is reminiscent of the old Resident Evil-games and is a welcome addition for people who are not very adept at first-person shooters. Wl lose some scares and scary locations their luster. Sometimes because you can literally already see around the corner.

The “mercenaries” Have been expanded with new missions and characters. So you can now play as Chris Redfield, Karl Heisenberg n playing as the imposing Lady Dimutrescu. These characters again have their own weapons and quirks. Nice detail is that Lady Dimutrescu has to duck at every door due to her height (Just like her character in the base game). They are welcome additions that the mercenaries mode nMaking it a little bit more entertaining.

Finally, there is the main attraction: Shadows of Rose. In this dlc you follow Rose Winters as she goes into the mind of the “megamycete” (The mold that sets the story of Resident Evil: Biohazard and Resident Evil: Village in motion) creeps to search for a special crystal. It takes her to various locations from the basegame that they mixed up as if it were the board game Maze. The lack of new locations feels pretty lazy. Also because the dlc from Resident Evil: Biohazard wl New locations and ideaën brought to the table. Too bad the first half of this dlc feels like a repetition of moves. Especially since the second half might be contains one of the best levels in the history of Resident Evil. Nt as in the base game, it is the same level that once again steals the show. However, with a twist that we will not reveal. Speaking of twists: Shadows of Rose contains a twist that zó little impact that we were surprised that here berhaupt a twist of it is made. Also, at the last bossfight nt run a little too much cheating at God of War. An odd choice so close to the release of God of War: Ragnarök.

In both Mercenaries mode and the dlc, it is mostly the characters that once again steal the show. The actors behind Chris Redfield, Lady Dimetrescu, Heisenberg and The Duke schmooze through their lines and sometimes “feel” you just that a lot of fun was put into the game. The locations are up to scratch again and visually, of course, the game is beautiful. We played the game on the PlayStation 5; the haptic feedback, adaptive triggers and super fast load times were very much in order. The game plays smoothly in 4K and 60fps. In addition to the third-person mode, dlc and new characters, some cosmetic items, filters and the Village of Shadows difficulty have been added to the game.

Resident Evil: Village: Gold Edition especially adds a lot without content to bring. This is a shame since the basegame was so good. Rumor has it that Resident Evil 9 The story will beëIndigen that in Resident Evil: Biohazard has started and in Resident Evil: Village continued will conclude. It is to be hoped as “Shadows of Rose” as a finale was too weak.

Resident Evil: Village: Gold Edition is now available for PlayStation, Xbox and PC.